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Saraf's Residence

Our clients wanted the space to look vibrant but also quiet so we used to our expertise to fuse both features into one. We managed to choose two colors that blended well together. Mocha colored sofas on white porcelain installments helped give the living room a mild traditional look…

Vasoya's Residence

The living room provides the perfect social-space. Our clients wanted a clean and basal theme for their house and so the living room with an attached dining room provides just that. It forms the perfectly neutral blend between the furniture, the Italian floor and the painted walls and ceiling. The bold shade of the sofas stands out against the cream colored walls and rug.

Swapna Villa

It’s one of our best house structures we’ve worked on. The clients wanted something different and were very pleased with this design. It’s a three story house. This brightly built villa has such a sleek and eye-catching elegant look to it. It’s a combination of white corian and Italian stone that gives a very formal look to the aesthetic of the house.

Pramukh Palace

 The outside of the house gives a very sleek look. The grey walls, the wooden structures and the glass all form a complementary blend of colors and designs. The open; lower terrace with glass railings and wooden support beams opens up to a spacious living room..

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Reflecct design studio is licensed interior architecture firm established in 2009. We’re staunch believers of breaking the primitive conception of architecture and thus embracing an innovation and contradistinctive approach. Our success solely lies in the trust and contentment of our clients.

“To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history but to articulate it.”

Daniel Libeskind




 A principal designer of REFLECCT DESIGN STUDIO (RDS). He has been designing from an early age. He grew up in Surat City, where he started his early career working on large-scale residential and commercial buildings. Until one day he took cognizance that he preferred designing projects at closer range that would leave a more personal impact on people’s lives. He founded his company REFLECCT DESIGN STUDIO in the year 2010. Since its inception RDS has managed to expand itself on a large scale.  He is one of the best licensed interior designers. He is a visionary who’s always looking forward to create an innovative environment that people would love to live in. He spends most of his time in his studio working on new and exciting ideas and projects for his clients. When he is not in his studio working, he is either spending quality time with his family or enjoying contemporary art. Over the years he has guided and nurtured the practice of his firm. His firm, which had started off with only two people has now grown into an amazing, diverse and hardworking team .




He is one of the leading associates at REFLECCT DESIGN STUDIO. He also grew up in Surat City. He joined REFLECCT DESIGN STUDIO in 2014. His ability to think outside the box has been one of the main qualities that have helped him in becoming an associate in very little time. He’s been an honorable representative of this company for a very long time and has attended multiple meetings with clients. Every project undertaken by his firm is supervised and overlooked by him. He oversees all the interior plans and designs including all detail drawings of interior. Every design before being sent out to the crew and officials is approved by him. He makes sure that everything is foolproof and according to the clients’ wishes and demands. He makes it his habit to visit the sites regularly and to make sure that everything is going according to the designed blueprint.

Madhav is the finest, committed and hardworking associate this firm has ever had the pleasure of working with.         


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