Aashirwad Farm

  • Aashirwad Farm

This project was designed to be an ideal weekend house. It is the perfect place for families to spend their summers at. This house promises a relaxed environment for families that need to get away from the city and just spend some quality time with their children and spouses. It’s situated in the countryside providing the best of privacy and seclusion. The entire area is completely safe and has its very own security. The house is fenced with high walls. The main gates opens up to a long walkway before you reach the entrance doors. The wood structure on the outside forms a perfect blend with the marble tiles giving it a chic and sophisticated look. The capacious lawn out-front really compliments the whole aesthetic of the house. The terrace wraps around the complete house, with two small balconies at the west and east ends. The aashirwad farm has a fully furnished kitchen with an attached dining room, living room, center courtyard and bedrooms.        

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