Swapna Villa

Swapna Villa

It’s one of our best house structures we’ve worked on. The clients wanted something different and were very pleased with this design. It’s a three story house..

Saraf's Residency

Saraf's Residence

Our clients wanted the space to look vibrant but also quiet so we used to our expertise to fuse both features into one. We managed to choose two colors that blended well..

Pramukh Palace

Paramukh Palace

The outside of the house gives a very sleek look. The grey walls, the wooden structures and the glass all form a complementary blend of colors and..

Khaitan's Residency

Khaitan's Residence

The living room provides the perfect social-space. Our clients wanted a clean and basal theme for their house and so the living room with an attached dining room..

Aashirwad Farm

Aashirwad Farm

This project was designed to be an ideal weekend house. It is the perfect place for families to spend their summers at.This house promises a relaxed environment..


Hemantbhai Private Residence

Capital greens landscape-155

Capital Green

Celebrity Green

Vasoya's Residence

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