Swapna Villa

  • Swapna Villa

It’s one of our best house structures we’ve worked on. The clients wanted something different and were very pleased with this design. It’s a three story house. There is one terrace on the front of the house with glass railings and another on the right side of the house that leads to a bedroom. There is no garden or backyard but a small seedbed surrounds the house giving the outside an even more appealing look. The   front gate opens up to the entrance of the house, leading to the Informal living room, dining and kitchen. The stairs lead to the second floor. There are two bedrooms adjoined by a small TV lounge and library with a small balcony. The stairs to the side lead up to the third floor where there is a one bedroom, home theatre, indoor play area. But the main focus is on the outside of the house. This brightly built villa has such a sleek and eye-catching elegant look to it. It’s a combination of white corian and Italian stone that gives a very formal look to the aesthetic of the house.  

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