Khaitan’s Residency

  • Khaitan's Residency

The living room provides the perfect social-space. Our clients wanted a clean and basal theme for their house and so the living room with an attached dining room provides just that. It forms the perfectly neutral blend between the furniture, the tiled floor and the painted walls and ceiling. The bold shade of the sofas stands out against the cream colored walls and rug. We used a large area rug to link the look of the room together. The easily movable and light glass tables help in bringing the whole aesthetic of the sitting area together. We decided to go with small light fixation so the living room can give off a soft glow and highlight the equipment in it at the same time. We decided on minimum decorations, so to not disrupt the whole setting with additional shades. Next to the living room we have a joined dining room. This room too represents the same aesthetic of the living room and the remaining house. As we chose the sofas to be the center pieces, the dining room had to have a subtle approach. To give off a formal as well as a casual approach we decided on a round table with a slim tulip base with seats.

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